Holly Watson is a spokesperson, actress, and on camera talent performing in advertising campaigns across the nation. Originally from Ohio, Holly moved to Nashville, Tennessee where she attended Belmont University. After graduating with a degree in broadcasting and a minor in music, Holly recorded two projects with her mother, Margo, a country music artist. The mother and daughter duet, Margo Smith and Holly, have a collection of number one Christian Country hits and in 1994 were named Vocal Duo of the Year by the Christian Country Music Association. Holly still performs in song, but found another voice in acting. Over the past 23 years, she has performed in films, on camera and in voice over’s. Her experience is immeasurable in radio and television commercials as a spokesperson for various automotive dealers, hospitals, and countless other companies.

She has done work for Toyota, Vanderbilt University, and the United States Postal Service to mention just a few. From Health Care to Automotive Advertising…training videos to infomercials…sometimes scripted, sometimes off the cuff, Holly represents clients with talent, charm and charisma.

Whether in the studio, on location, or hosting your website, Holly has the personality that works for her clients and the experience that matters.